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Quick Start: Using Online Selection & Acquisitions Trial site

Welcome to your Online Selection & Acquisitions™ trial! We are pleased that you have joined the collection revolution and will soon enjoy some of the benefits this new product offers.

This introduction will help you perform basic Online Selection & Acquisitions functions such as: searching for consideration items; creating selection lists; and adding items to your lists. (Lists you create during the trial period will be retained if you purchase access to Online Selection & Acquisitions.)

Getting Started
First you must contact TLC Support at 1.800.852.4911 to register as an OSA Trial subscriber. Once you have completed registration continue on with these instructions. Important: Take note of the User Name and Password created during registration. Passwords are case sensitive.
Click the Log On link to the right of the Quick Start link, at the top of this page.
Type the User Name and Password as created during the registration process. ( Figure 1 )
Click OK.

Creating Lists
From the options that are now displayed on the toolbar click My Lists. The Lists Created by Username screen will display the list that is automatically created for each new user. ( Figure 2 )
In the Search section (below the Options for Checked Items drop-down) configure your search criteria by selecting a database to Look In, typing the Search term to Find, and selecting a Search Type, from the drop-down list). Then click the Search button.

View a Database Results Set
The Databases Searched list will display ( Figure 3 ). Click an underlined database name to have those results displayed on screen ( Figure 4 ).
Scroll down to view the entire list of titles. Select the check box to the left of each title that you wish to add to your list.

Adding to Your List
After selecting the titles on this page that you want to add to a list, scroll to the top or bottom of the page. From the Add Checked Items to List drop-down select the list you want to add the selected titles to. Then click the Add button. ( Figure 4)
Click OK to the confirmation dialog.
To verify the selected items have been added to the list click the My Lists link again. At the far right of the list display ensure View is displayed in the drop-down window. Then click the red arrow button to the right of the drop-down ( Figure 2 ). The updated list will display.

Congratulations, you have just created your first list!

At this point you can continue adding items to this list, or you can investigate the List Search, Admin, and My Info options.

For More Information

The Help desk has detailed instructions on these and other features of Online Selection & Acquisitions.


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